Nicknamed The Messenger, of his real name Jephter McClymont...

Nicknamed The Messenger, of his real name Jephter McClymont, Luciano is a roots reggae singer, born in Jamaica. Heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder, Frankie Paul, Dennis Brown and Peter Tosh, Luciano is now an icon of Jamaican reggae. Recognizable thanks to his voice of baritone, it imposes itself in the world of the reggae through titles and collaborations such as Shake It Up Tonight, Bounty Lover, Give praise or Crazy Baldhead.

The scene of the Ragga Kwéyol Festival will host one of the greatest vocalists of the Jamaican Reggae / Dancehall. He was awarded the Order of Distinction in the rank of Officer on 15 October 2007, in recognition of his contribution to reggae music.

In July 2009, Luciano paid his respects to fellow musician Michael Jackson by releasing a reggae tribute (on Lioni Records) of Jackson"s iconic USA for Africa charity song, "We are the World". His album, Zion Awake was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 2016.